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Group auction

Dear kisuneko,
You won the following auction using SMJ's deputy service:

You will be billed for the item + all applicable fees and shipping charges in the next days.

Thanks for bidding!

Ok guys, we're in business =D

So as promised, Bidding will end in approximately one day from now, at 12 noon GMT.
I may not be around to stop the auction at that precise moment, but every comment will have a timestamp on it, and in the interests of fairness I will reject any bid put in after 12 noon.

Current High bidders are;

Pidgey set - $9 kari_xiii

Clefairy set - $16.50 andyboyh

Mankey set - $5 Starting bid (come on guys! Give this poor zukan a home! :P)

Hitmontop set - $10 eggsterminatus

Scyther set - $7 shiny_vulpix (deputying for psychmoonshadow)

Hoppip set - $25 eggsterminatus

Gilgar - $5 battyvitae

Dunsparce - $5 featherclaw

Houndour set - $15 fernchu

Groudon - $10 scarsofsunlight

Bidding is continuing here!
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