raichu_saana (raichu_saana) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New orange rats/gerbils/mice/whatever

A small, Korean notebook from a Finnish auction site, Huuto.net, with the coolest pose of Raichu in anime this far. It seems to be authentic, too. What's more, I happened to find a Korean Raichu postcard on a holiday in Germany some years ago. It's interesting to see Korea has some original merchandise, too.

A Pichu-Pikachu-Raichu Tazo from tsukiyashi. It arrived sooo fast. O_O I had never seen this one before so this was a nice surprise. Thank you for all the freebies and the cute drawing which unfortunately I forgot to photograph!

Then, last but definitely not least...

I got it at last, after a year of hunting! I had already bought a booster a week ago with no luck but then I saw some boosters on sale (for about 7.50 each, normally about 18 dollars here in Finland). And yes, in Europe most of the TFG figures are sold in random packages (with two figures in one package). So I'm totally happy now that I don't have to buy those all too expensive boosters anymore. x) This must be one of the best Raichu figures made this far, the pose's awesome. I feel like a big nerd now. 8D

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