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HUGE Pikaplush and Cards/stuff for sale

So, last night around 11pm, my mother went to "RiteAid" pharmacies to drop of a prescription for my younger brother. When she came home, this was in her arms:

(The CD is there for size reference)

She said they had a ton of them for sale thanks to the comming easter season, and they're going for about $19.99

Thought I'd give y'all the heads up 8D

Also, I have some cards for sale. They're almost all common cards, but I figured someone here may want them 8D On the up side, they're all in mint condition.

I apologize for the bad image quality, pictures were taken via cellphone :/

Shipping is $1 for within the USA, $1.50 for everywhere else.

I can only take paypal at the moment


Holo Honchkrow - $2.50
Reverse Holo Drapion -$2.00
Promo Toterra X Holo - $3.00


Mantine - $.75
Dodrio -$.50
Reverse Holo Magby - $1.25
Both versions of unknown -$.50

Rhyhorn - $.75
Gastly - $.50
Unknown -$.50
Starly -$.50
Trainer Card "Switch" -$.50
Magmar (x2) - $.75 ea


Gibble - $.50
Croagunk (x2) -$.50 ea
Chansey -$.75
Cyndaquill - $.50
Snorunt -$.50
Trainer Card "Armor Fossil" -$.50


Unknown - $.50
Trainer Card "Skull Fossil" -$.50
Trainer Card "Night Pokemon Center" -$.50
Reverse Holo Galie - $.1.25
Rapidash -$.75

Combee - $.50
Trainer Card "Bebe's Search" -$.75
Purugly -$.75
Goldeen -$.50
Buneary - $.50
Sneasel -$.75


Misdreavus - $.75
Hippopotas -$.50
Snorlax -$.50
Machop -$.50
Trainer Card "Double Full Heal" -$.50
Unknown -$.50


Torterra Card Tin : $8
It actually has Infernape and Impoleon on the sides too :O

I also have some figures for sale, too.

First we have an electronic Talking Eevee. He's a sensor type electonic critter that moves and talks when it hears noise. Depending on the noise, he'll make one of three sounds. It actually varies with the sound that triggers it. He does have a few minor scuffs, but they're not that noticeable.

Here's a video of him in action:

I'm going to say I'll ask around $15 for him, including shipping? If you think that's too high, feel free to haggle XD;


Lastly, a Lugia "Yujin". It's like a zukan, but done in a different scale (1/80) It came in sets with a clear Ash that would stand next to it, but I just bought Lugia so...blah XD I'm not all to clear on where he came from, so if anyone has information on it, I'd appreciate it if you'd share 8D

I'm asking $9 for Lugia, that includes shipping.

Prices can always be negotiated, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Thanks for looking, guys 8D;
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