Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Yay the pikachus are in :3

The pikachu gb I ran is here :3

I'll be taking everyones stuff to the post office to get a price check on monday or tuesday,so if theres anything you want added tell me c:

pacificpikachu Your stamps are all fine :3

meijiatron The surfing pikachu keychain is fine :3

little_ledyba your stamp is fine :3

piratea Everything is fine :3

wildorched Your stamps are fine, but I still have not received payment from you,could you give me your zip so I can get your shipping quote and add your payment on to it

pikachux everything is fine :3

rere515 your stamper is fine c:

schenzi everything is fine, except your stamps stamp light but I might not be pressing hard enough c:

lambo_chu Everything is fine c:, the pikachu stamper lights up when you stamp

aleyina your stamp is fine c:

kaze_to_isshoni all your stamps are fine c:

mana_mihara all your stamps are fine c:, but the pikachu head keychain has red marks on it

couchpotatonet everything is fine c:

and here is the extras :3

All pikachus are 50 cents for GB Participants and 1.00 for non
Pikachu on the far right is broken and only 25 cents

A McDonalds Puzzle someone on ebay gave me for free with my pikachu toys Sold :3

The cards from my pikachu world champion :x I don't think their useable
25 cents for pokemon and 10 cents for trainer

and this is everything I kept and have received this week :3

My McDonalds Pikachu Toys (still looking for the other ones) The seller included a free puzzle and stickers <3

I think I need to rearrange again 8D;

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