Jill (unowncafe) wrote in pkmncollectors,

hello. norkia today i got your package! were pokekids always that small? anyways it's awesome and adorable, and the cute little dratini pic is also adorable along with the coolio meditite freebie card *joy* (hehe).

phoenixxfoxx, your package came about the 24 or so of february i kept forgetting to post here but yes it came and it was adorable. that art on the box did you draw that? it wins ^^.

two or one people i was trading cards with (sorry forgot usernames) i haven't recieved your cards yet. i've been checking both my moms house and my dads and no sign of any. (which makes me sad since they looked really cool) i'm positive i set my half of the trade, and i read a post that one of you sent out your half but i have not recieved anything yet.

ok i'm done now, you can go along with your proper buisness of being cute little pokemon fans. (lolzs)
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