Julie X. Fox (invader_julie) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Julie X. Fox

Lol ...

This might be just a little off-topic, but ..


I never would have thought that I'd see the word "Pokémon" on the front of my local news' website.

I had no idea that card tournaments were still going on! I'd kick some ass, I'm good at building decks. XD

And he has SPACE PEEN and TIME PONY. Whoo!

I love how they explain how to play on there too ...

Anyway, to make this a little more relevant, I'm looking into expanding my Mudkip collection. (: I have two plushes, a few cards, and four tiny figurines, but I want more! Does anyone have a good idea of where to start looking? I'm new at this stuff, really. Any Typhlosion merch would be amazing too, he's my favorite Pokémon and yet I have no figurines at all of him. :( <3
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