~*~*~*Prince of Cake*~*~*~ (dragonites) wrote in pkmncollectors,
~*~*~*Prince of Cake*~*~*~

Rankurusu/Reuniclus Merch.?

Hey there PkmnCollectors! I've got a little bit of extra money saved up that I wouldn't mind updating my collections... However with all this Gen5 hype, I'd like to know if there's any Rankurusu/Reuniclus merchandise out there yet? And if so does anyone have any for sale? (I sadly don't think I have enough for customs- that and I could understand if he's a hard Pokemon to make merch. of. xD )

Off to a Carboot sale this morning!I refuse to leave without something Pokemon related, whether it be a card or plush.~
Tags: gen5
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