Nervous (nervous_neuron) wrote in pkmncollectors,

z0mg zukan for sale!

Zukan Sales Post!

Got some zukans for sale from the English release set.

*Chikorita line- $12
*Cyndaquil line - $17
Totodile line - $12
*Entei - $8
*Suicune - $11
*Raikou - $11
Celebi - $15

*on hold until Wednesday by sesshyshop

Stickers - $.50 (or free with a zukan)

You can have a look at what they look like assembled here:

Please Note:
- I am for Australia. Which means expensive shipping... fail.

Approx $5 within Australia, $10 USA, $11.40 UK, etc. But this is for a satchel up to 250g so I could send the whole bloody set for the same shipping price! You can work it out for yourself how much shipping will be: + padded envelope. If you want something extra, let me know. Stickers are $1.45 (will put inside a 'greeting card') shipping.

-I cannot be held responsible for the post damaging your items. If you want insurance, etc let me know (not like I'm selling anything worth it though)

- I will keep you updated on when I ship your items. Should be a week max.

- Haggling welcome. I don't know the exact worth of these items so zukans are ONO.

- Holds for a couple of days also welcome.

- This is my first sales post, though I've been a member for aaages, although not an active member in the last year or so. This means I have NO feedback. I have not collected feedback for items I have bought from here (these days tortoises does all my shopping anyway :P)

Received permission from denkimouse.

Zukan - mint in packet

Artbox stickers. Each pack contains two sheets. Image shows stickers with one side on the top, and the other side bellow it. I have roughly 4 of each packet.
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