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Update on Banpresto Pre-Orders Past and Future + Pricing on Straps and Tomy Goodies

I have been busy with day-job, life, and shipping out orders, so that I have not had the chance to see if who hasn't paid for their Banpresto pre-orders.  But based on the extras leftover in my home, I know there are quite a few that hasn't been paid for yet. =(

If you've pre-ordered Banpresto prizes for Oct, Nov, Dec releases, please check the following links to see if there is any balance due. ^_^  If we have previously agreed to cancel or transfer the pre-order, please don't worry about the links below.

Oct Prizes (BW Starters Super DX and 5.5")
Nov Prize (Super DX Zekrom and Reshiram and 5.5" Reshiram, Kibago/Axew, Mamepato/Pidove, 3" Starters)
Dec Prize Part 1 (Huge 13" Chibi Mijumaru/Oshawott, Tsutarja/Snivy)
- Dec Prize Part 2 (Huge 13" Pokabu/Tepig, 5.5" Zekrom, Yanappu/Pansage, Munna)

And because of the significant amount of comm members disappearing (or unable to pay) after placing pre-order 3-month in advance, I will no longer be taking mass pre-order for Banpresto prize items.  I understand a lot can change in 3-month, and it's more of a problem with the system than a complain about comm members. XD

I can still pull Banpresto prizes for the community, but there is no control of how many we can get.  If you see something you want on AAPF, please PM me anytime and you will be added to the queue when they are ready to ship.  But supply will be limited, like how it was for the Espeon and Umbreon Holloween plush, we only got 8 sets available for the entire community.

... Now on with the other stuff!

As mentioned last week, here are the pricing for the following items and sets.


For paypal info and shipping rules, please drop by the out-of-date sales page. >_<

Takara Tomy Arts Pokemon BW2 Straps.  Each complete set of 9 characters is $25 shipped to US address (+$1.00 to CAN, +$2.00 to EU/OZ).
Singles can also be found here.

Bandai Pokemon BW2 Strap with clear variants.  Each complete set of 12 (6 normal +  6 clear) is $44 shipped to US (+$1.00 to CAN, +$2.00 to EU/OZ).  If you are hosting GB on this, it would be much easier to offer the normal and clear as a set. ^_^
Singles can also be found here.

Takara Tomy goodies are all here as well.
Takara Tomy Minccino/Chillarmy and Pansage/Yanappu 6" Plush.  Each plush is $22 shipped to US address (+1.50 to CAN, +$3.00 to EU/OZ).

Takara Tomy MC Figures for Janovy/Servine?, Chaoboo/Pignit?, Futachimaru/Dewott?, Zuruggu/Scraggy?.  Each figure is $9 shipped to US address (+1.00 to CAN, +$2.00 to EU/OZ).

Still have these Pokemon Center playset for the Tomy MC figures ^_^;;  Each one is $65 shipped to US.

Thanks everyone! ^_^

P.S.  I have a 5.5" Reshiram with a factory defect.  The seam on her chest is not completely closed.
If anyone wanna to take her home and fix her up, she is only $12 $10 shipped to anywhere. =)
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