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Group auction winners!

Ick, sorry for deleting the last post but it wasn't necessary anymore xD; (I won't post again today!)

The auction is now over, thanks everyone! :3

The winners are as follows;

efia  Pidgey set - $15 (Paid)
andyboyh  Clefairy set - $17.51 (Paid)
eggsterminatus  Hitmontop set - $10
Hoppip set - $25 (total $35)
shiny_vulpix  Scyther set - $7
battyvitae  Gilgar - $5
featherclaw  Dunsparce - $5 (Paid)
kasaiface  Houndour set - $20 (Paid)
scarsofsunlight  Groudon - $10 (Paid)

I'm after payment pretty quickly so that I can pay for the items and have them shipped out to me ASAP.

My paypal is kisuneko[AT]googlemail.com, so please send payments there, and remember to put your username and the zukan you won in the message space, not the subject.

This makes me less confused, and everything sorted faster |3

When I receive the zukan I will give everyone shipping totals.
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