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Hi! Collection Update

Hi Everyone! I haven't been posting or commenting much... Real life got in the way... But I've been lurking in the virtual shadows :)
So, anyways, on to the collection update!!

This is what my plushie collection currently looks like:

Here are the new additions!!

This is Creepychu, aka Sparky (top)
And Chubbychu (bottom)

I've had Creepychu for about four years. I call him Creepychu because when I bought him, he had no white in his eyes. He looked very creepy. But then my friends and I drew the white on with silver sharpie :D
I've had Chubbychu since 2006. I bought him from a lady in Italy. Before the string on his head broke off,I had him hanging on my backpack. That got me the nickname "Pikachu" in school x)

This is Rubyn (Groudon)
And Sapphirea (Kyogre)
(heehee do ya get how I picked out the names?)

I bought them from Nintendo World when my school took our annual trip to NYC. We went on Dec. 8th,which was awesome because I'm a huge Beatles fan and we got to see John Lennon's memorial in Strawberry Fields. (I wish he was still alive...) ANYWAYS, next!

This is Strawberry (Latias)
and Blueberry (Latios)

I also got them on December 8th :D

Last but not least,

This is Splosion.

One of my best friends got tickets to Disney for Christmas, so she got me Splosion :D

Splosion is staring into your soul.

He says your soul is very pretty.

Anyways, I pre-ordered Black and White. Cant wait!!!!! I was originally only going to get White, but the reason why I got Black is... Well... There are two reasons, but the appropriate one is that I had $60 worth of GameStop credit just sitting there. Anyone else Super-Duper excited for the release???!!!

And... Me and three of my friends will be at the BW Tour at Franklin Mills Mall on Feb. 26th... cant wait to see peopless!!

Thanks for reading!! :D
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