Sam (eins_zwei_nein) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Announcement, sales

Hey ya'll.

For starters, I apologize to anyone who has received a late package from me. I was hit with a pretty serious throat virus, and then NY was slapped with a blizzard, so getting to the post office was a hassle. All packages should be out now though.

I set up a sales comm! It's not done yet, but I have most of my non-flat pokemon stuff up. I need some $$$bank$$$ for clothes, so I'm postin' it here now.

Click here or the image to be transported!

I plan on making some collection updates soon, too. Every time I go to make one, I buy another big want and have to wait for it. aha >:{

Now, a meme. Post your favorite bootleg, either one you own or one you've seen.
This is mine:

My grumpy Groudon bootie. I think he is the most adorable Groudon ever, (aside from the pokedoll). I display him proudly in my collection, I don't even care if he's an obvious fake.
Tags: groudon, sales

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