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small sales + two new luxios

Blah blah boring rules,

I am located in New York, USA.
Shipping will be USPS.
I will ship worldwide
I usually ship really fast, but it's about to get REALLY COLD where I live so it may be delayed. Most likely not but wanted to mention this just in case.
No trades.
No holds.
Prices do not include shipping or fees, unless noted.
Paypal only.
Feel free to ask for more pictures etc etc

Pokemon Diamond
Includes case, manual, game, art - like new condition
Will Pokesav up to any 3 Pokemon if you want for free~


Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia
Cartridge only.
This will sometimes say data cannot be read, just pop it out and insert it again and it should be fine. No idea why it does this,
I got it in a trade a while back.

Love Soft Foam Jakks Ball


Shaymin Ravensburger Puzzleball
Box is available if requested.

Shipping will be more expensive on this if you want it assembled and/or you want the box.
I can disassemble it and fit the pieces in a bubble mailer for cheaper shipping.

HG/SS DSL case, never used - Lugia, Ho-oh
Has space for games inside as well

Phanpy Explorers of Sky Folder
blurry pic is blurry sorry

Shaymin Sky Minky Pokedoll 2009
No hangtag, has tush, good condition

Elekid Seattle Pokedoll, new with both tags
$19.36 shipped to USA address

Vulpix Applause, good condition, has tush tag
$7? not sure what to ask for

Collection update below:

Luxio "Teddy Bear" Style Custom purchased from juumou
Made by junolover

Jakks Luxio from ewokie
I have a MIP one too xD

Also randomly Sir Aron's staff FRICKIN LIGHTS UP
(Lucario and the Mystery of Mew is my favorite movie)

There's actually a Lucario on both sides of the crystal, you have to squint to see it though xD and it's pretty much impossible to see it
in the picture xD
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