DakaJojo (dakajojo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Magical Mew & Co Plushie Group Buy Time!

Herro my loves!

I'm sure most of the community is absolutely tired of seeing this set, but because of the absolute insane interest in these beautiful plushies, I've decided to do a group buy and purchase several of these sets. :3

Terms - PLEASE read them before participating.
♥Reply to the thread bearing the name of the plush you wish to claim.
♥Claiming a plush is binding. Once enough plush/sets are claimed, payment will be due ASAP. Once payments are received I will place the order. If something falls through, you will be refunded immediately.
♥Each plush will be around $22.00 (this includes ALL fees and internal shipping), except Pikachu who will be around $18.
♥There will be TWO payments. One for the plush, and one for final shipping. Shipping from me to you is estimated $3.50 if in the US, $4.50 for international per plush. Add $2.00 per additional plush regardless of where you reside.
♥I plan on ordering up to 4 sets. I need at least 4 claims per each plush in order to get 4 sets. Unfortunately, if we don't get enough claims to fulfill a full set, I won't be able to place the order. If we get more claims, I may order more sets. Capiche? XD
♥I am claiming a Mew and Chikorita. :3
♥ Any questions? Ask here! ^^

There is tons of interest in Mew. If you're one of the many only after Mew, let your fellow member friends know of this group buy who collect or might love Pikachu, Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile! From my understanding these are super soft, and 5.1 inches (slightly smaller than a pokedoll.) They are all too cuuuuuute! XD

Claims (so far)
Pikachu (2) - jadekitty777, dezchu
Chikorita (1) - dakajojo
Cyndaquil (2) - swtlilangel666, tagami_yami
Totodile (2) - fandramon, karnimarc
Mew (9) - dakajojo, dinictis, hebilea, shortcakemiddy, dezchu, xlindziex, eins_zwei_nein, tsuki_no_eifie, cristinahazard

Current Sets With Enough Claims (so far): 1

Thanks everyone! Let's do this!
Tags: chikorita, cyndaquil, group auction, mew, pikachu, plush, totodile

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