Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Heey GA lot is in :3

fff gorgeous flareon tfg ;  ;

*Some of the kids had glue stains,I managed to peel most of it off,so anyone who got kids I may have missed some c: so check them out.

I'll be taking these to the post office to get them weighed tomorrow so if theres anything you want extra ask C:

I still have leftovers from the pikachu gb c:

aisugamblerEntei is fine C: what a cutie he is too

jadekitty777 Shaymin is fine except for some minor marks on the back of his head c:

tyrani_zard everything is fine except for charizard and lapras,lapras is beat up and charizard has marks on his back and one of his wings are starting to tear

pokezombie haunter is fine c:

piratea Giratina is fine c:

ohmyskele porygon is fine c:

poptartdino Everything is fine except for abra he is a tomy but his tail is broken off

kardashian combee is fine just only has a butt tag and one antenna is bent c:

noksum everything is fine except both mr.mime zukans are messing their pegs

phantomggirl everything is fine except for vaporeon is all scuffed up and slowbro is obvious derp bootleg,I've added everything to your waiting stuff could you message me your correct full address so we don't have another return XD

captainangel pikachu is fine except for a small scuff on the back of his head c:

elementparadise everything is fine c:

neonr0se lugia is fine c:

eins_zwei_nein murkrow is fine c:

tissuepaperpet everything is fine except the golduck kid is scuffed and the tomy golduck is beat up

dooman58 mudkip is fine except for some small marks

kephisos absol has orange marks on her side,buizel and manectric have small marks

schenzi Golduck is fine and a stamper c:

beavisfreak mudkip is fine c:

couchpotatonet the gold figure turned out to be golduck c: I've added him to your pikachus

bergunty golduck is fine c:

tufails zangoose is fine except for some small marks c:

crasherwake everything is fine except glaceon has a scuffed nose and dialga is not a tomy and really beat up

bellyofthewolf Everything is fine c:

aleyina everything is fine and I have added them to your pikachu stamp c:

sillysquirtle3 squirtle is fine except for a small mark on his glasses

ushigofasweet both pikachu and jigglypuff look like booties ;-; sorry

50 cents each for GA Participants and 1.00 for non
Gone:Turtwig,Final Fantasy Keychain,and cleaning Mr.Mime kid

25 cents each

Huge Jakks Giratina around 7-8 inches tall and 8 1/2 inches wide
5.00 for GA Participants and 10.00 for non
Sold :3

Pan Stickers

25 cents each
Gone:Stunky and Drifloon

50 cents each
Gone:Sudowoodo,Both Chimchars,Bibarel,Mr.Mime Stamp,Riolu,and Croagunk

75 cents each
Gone:Both Latias,Bastiodon & Shieldon,Mewtwo,and Giratina

;u; pikachu is so cute

My gorgeous Flareon TFG ;    ; so pretty and amazing and totally worth what I dropped for it

butt shot <3

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