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Feb Customs Post - Full ~

Hey Guys, it's been quite a while since I posted any custom work, I think..  Either way, today I'm offering my commission slots for February 2011!

- There will be 3-5 slots depending on what's requested.
- I use Minky and/or Fleece, but I will purchase others at request.
- Open to everything but humans ^.^;

I have some general pricing and FAQ here.

I Also have some extra examples in my gallery here.


Need To Knows:
* This will be first come, first served. There may be upto 4 people in front of your commission, so don't ask if you have a close deadline or aren't patient.
* You aren't required to pay until yours is ready to be started.
* I'm super lenient on payment plans/ partial trades/ trades. Custom plush trades currently closed.

1.that_zorua  - Lopunny Pokedoll - paid!
2.xclairxaudenx  - Laying Houndour - paid!
3.spideyroxas - Quilava Pokedoll - paid!
4. midnitesilven  - Shandera Pokedoll - paid!
5.tissuepaperpet  - Laying Bidoof - 1/2 paid 

Waiting List!:
*tyltalis - Laying Anzu - paid!
*hicke_chan  - Wolf
*noonowl  - Bastiodon Pokedoll

Comment below for any quotes / curiosities, thanks! =3

**Comments screened for my ease. Let me know if you'd like to read them for any reason.

Slots/Waiting list is now full! Thanks/sorry guys!
Tags: custom, ninetales, raichu, zekrom
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