Kari (kari_xiii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Zen Zeni! Game Game!

papersnow! I received your package, thank you so much, and for the freebies! I'll be leaving feedback shortly :D

I haven't had time to get pics, but amongst that package, was a Charmander figure I'd been after for a fairly long time. Now all I need is Charmeleon from the same set.... Of course, most of my knowledge about this figure came from a bootleg version I got a long time ago. I later acquired a second, but different bootleg, and finally now have the official. So there's the official Charmanders, and the bootleg Charmanders. But which is better? Official Charmander, or bootleg Charmander? There's only one way to find out......

All three of them, in their glory. I don't think I need to say which is official. You can't tell, but the official is a lot lighter in colour, too.

Notice the biggest flaw.

*If you know where I got that from, you have been watching one of the best programs on UK Television.

But, onto the main reason of this post.
More recently, I've decided to 'slow down' on a majority of my collections - Including Jirachi Movie characters, Slowking, Buizel plushies, Shieldon (Although I think I have everything right now anyway), Monferno, Infernape & a couple of others. I'm not getting bored or anything - But I've decided to start a collection that will eat my wallet if I'm not careful.

I've decided to start a collection of Squirtle, Wartortle & Blastoise - I've already got a majority of European figures, but I probably did miss out on a few here and there. I'm really interested in ANYTHING featuring them - Except trading cards - Only interested in promos at the moment.
So, if you have anything you wouldn't mind parting with.... Let me know here? I'm also interested in Kids - Although I have all three of the 'original/retro' Kids, and 'pointing' Wartortle :D

Sometime soon, I'll be having a small sale (As in, reduced prices sale), though not sure of the dates yet.
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