Don't be such a sour lemon (em_lemon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Don't be such a sour lemon

feb commissions/ pokedoll mew tin



also, I NEED
grumpster the great is happily taking commissions

Pokedoll mew tin
a little smaller than a pokedoll
starts at $15~
I collect mew myself... so I'm pretty hesitant to let this one go.. so I'll stop offers when I see something I'm ok with.. ;n;

Plushies for sale

I am reluctantly putting cubone back up for sale, since I need the monies :'C
more angles can be seen here
1/1 scale - 18 inches tall
contains an internal tube enabling plush to support the weight of the skull
100% Hand sewn/ sculpted
$420 cad - payment plans are ok!


Baby larvitar~ can be viewed here if interested :3
8 inches tall
made of minky
all hand sewn
$220 cad
I actually made this for someone.. but they went all crazy like NONONOI WANTEDABIGGERONEHHNGGGRGRGggg
give this poor bb larvy a home :'(


Note to all the people that currently have a commission spot: someone accidentally spilt alcohol all over some of my fabric... so those commissions will take a little more time, because I have new fabric ordered and on the way ;~;

-I am taking commissions on smaller 'baby', or pokedoll-esque plushies (like Larvitar above). I am not taking anymore commissions on large scaled plushies, as they take way too long, and don't prove to be worth my time :(  I am only making large scaled plushies for people that I have already promised.. and this should only apply to a few users, sorry! ;n;

-Prices start @ $150 and go up based on complexity. all quotes will be given in Canadian dollars. Here is a currency converter.
-all baby plushies will be made from minky~
-sizes can range from 6-10 inches, please specify what size you are interested in, or just state standard pokedoll size
-baby plushies only take me 1-2 days to finish, so you'll get it super quick!
-payment plans are ok!
-I also take payment in the form of legendary bird plushies, and lugia plushies I want/ do not own B)

I think thats it :I
and for people that are unfamiliar with me, here are some other examples


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