captainangel (captainangel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Selling some stuff

BECAUSE, i need to buy more Bats.

NOTE TO COMMISSIONERS: Orders are almost done, doing a customs post this week :D <3

Im selling a few Poke'dolls, just because, id prefer to own the Japanese ones :(
ALSO AUCTIONING OFF this butt bag <3

Gengar starts at $5.00
Gengar has 37 pouches in his back, each one holds 4 PKM cards.
Hes in excllent condition all over, though his eyes have a tiinnyyy bit of grasing/scratching on them, but EXTREAMLY light.
Thought id mention the damage weather it be light or heavy to be fair!
Postage would be $6
Offers end on 5th of Feb; TIMER

I BIN'D THESE MAGNETS, they're on their way to me, if anyone still wants the 2 Poke'balls you can still buy/claim them :3

Meowth - $1.70 CLAIMED
MimeJR - $1.70 CLAIMED
3 Pokeballs - $1.70
Carnivine - $1.70 CLAIMED

(After this you'd only have to pay for me to ship them to you, like $1.50 shipping~)
Tags: sales
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