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Yay Sales! & Customs?

Sales Permission granted by dakajojo on 12/9/10

A few rules:
- All items come from a very pet friendly home *Cats & Dog*. Though the plush have been stored in a back since I got home, since they'll have minimal hair....hopefully. XD
- Paypal only
- I ship from Illinois
- No international buyers please. I don't want to deal with figuring that out now. Sorry. ^^

So these are just the extra Pokedolls that I picked up when I was on vacation in Disney. I'm totally bummed that they didn't have a better selection...and I'm completely kicking myself for not picking up more when I was there. XD But I'll know better for the next time I go....eventually. Lol.

Suicune, Raikou, Shinx - $25 shipped

They're not too steady on their feet, which seems to be a common flaw with pokedolls. That's why they're all sitting on their butts. No other flaws I can see. These are all minky with tags. I'll be shipping these three in bubble mailers.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the vile snowstorm that's beat down the Midwest, I won't be able to ship these buggers out until maybe Saturday, but most likely next week sometime. But I'll try to get them out as soon as I can.

But onto possible commissions.
I make felted critters and am expanding into pokemon. I've made a Mareep for....I think it was for jedi_amara, but I could be wrong. My memory is not the best. XD

I have limited amounts of colors at the moment so that will limit the pokemon I can do until I get more from my supplier.

Here are the few examples I have of actual animals/pokemon.
Border Collie next to Meowth Kid
Mareep side  & front
Mareep next to Border Collie

The examples above are what would typically be the size of a regular custom. Small would be about half that size. Large would, well, be likely double that size. XD

Prices would depend mostly on the size, complexity, time it takes me to put it together & how much material is used. But very generally it would go something like this:
Small (2-3 In/Kid) - $10
Med (4-5 In) - $15
Large (6-8 In/Umbreon Pokedoll)- $25

Sizes are approximate. ^^ These would change depending on what Pokemon you want.

Any one interested? I'm hesitantly going to take 2 slots. Make that three. XD
1. caffwin - Small slowpoke
2. poprock_grey - Medium Furret & Spring Version Deerling
3. beavisfreak - Large Mudkip

Feel free to post for quotes and questions, even if my slots are full.

I also make felted ball cat toys with catnip mixed into the layers of wool for about $8. If anyone would be interested in one, they can pm me about it. XD....Can I even mention this? If not I can take this line out. >>
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