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Fire and Thunder!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I did a collection update, it seems all the time I'm seling my stuff. Hahaha. :)

Well, my last collection post was in October and well a lot of things have been happening since then! I made it to Naval Basic training, but unfortunately I fell seriously ill and had to discharge for my on health and well being. So for the moment I'm unemployed until I get my health and well being sorted out. :)

But I did have enough spare cash to pick up some Gen V cuties! And make a cool custom. Won't you take a look?

Let's start with the old, huh? After I got home I was very frustated with the state of my collection and my room, so I decided to rip out my window bay furniture and replace it with these awesome stackable and modular shelves I found:

I love them! They are so deep and can hold about 20+ Pokedolls and stack 5 up. <3

I also redid my Arceus collection, it's as complete as I want it to be. There's a lot of merch missing, but I have every plush, every TOMY and all the chou-get plate figures. :D

Squished my 'team' merch with some of the larger figures. :D

Speaking of Arceus merch, I now have the coolest laptop Y/N?

And I got these cutie pies yesterday in the mail! Reshiram turned up the heat in Sydney and I was too sick to do bragging rights. :D I generally only wanted to collect Zekrom, but the fluff-meister has wormed his way into my heart.

The two of them are PERFECT and seriously huge. Simply amazing!

Here is Reshiram next to Rassilon, a DX pokedoll. See? HUGE.

And firey! Annoyed that he's had to quit binge drinking now it's gotten to $1.34 a litre.

Some say....he can learn the move Burnout....and that under his fluff there's more fluff.
All we know is...

I've nicknamed my Reshiram plush The Stig.

And here is Ace, in all his sexy, electrical glory!

Here he is with the PokeCen plush from September. :D

All my Gen V dragons. Axew and his evos, how much I love you? let me count the ways....

I've decided for my sanity and my wallet I will be collecting overdrive figures and Pokecen plush only of our duo dragons! But....I did cave and buy both plamo figures. :)

The over-drive Reshiram plamo. The plamos are GORGEOUS. But they do have one or two things that annoy me. Firstly: stickers oh my god they are USELESS. I gave up and painted my models instead. The other thing is the tail piece is a solid piece of plastic; I was hoping for a hollow tail like Zekrom so I could LED the tail and make SWEET RAVE DRAGONS.

the face however is awesome!

As much as I love Reshiram, the Zekrom Plamo model is pure 100% awesome inject moulded into more awesome.

best of all, the generator is nice and hollow! Should be easy to wire up a LED and switch to make him glow like thunder. :D

thanks for looking!
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