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Collection update

Hi folks i joined here quite a while ago but haven't been posting as i  had loads on with Uni work and looking for a job lol  i'm posting my collection since my fiancé keeps telling me to. My main collection is Lucario but i do collect other items

                                                                                           First off my Lucario and Riolu stuff

First off my zukan pieces i had to get whitewolflarka my lovely fiancé to search over loads of pages to find me the riolu one lol and the rest followed not long after i got it

Now there's my Battle Figure and a Clear Tomy Figure

Then i have my Lucario pokedoll, riolu canvas plush and my AG tomy plush

A lucario bobble head xD

Jakks Figure 

My keychain lucario, pencil topper that i got on here and a riolu charm i think came with a game

My lucario kids

Lucario coin, riolu holo card and a normal rayquaza card

Bit of mix an match with the next lot lol

My rayquaza and riolu kids

My Magby, Magmar and Magmortar zukan and my Rayquaza zukan

Then my blaziken tomy and my rayquaza and arceus chu gets

And finally my legendary bird tomys xD

Wow that took a while to do xD
Tags: articuno, lucario, moltres, rayquaza, riolu, zapdos
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