Panda (maractus) wrote in pkmncollectors,

TCG wants/price questions

I've decided what TCGs I'm going to "officially" collect: the Stunky Line, Natu line and of course, the Machop line (as well as Yuka Morii cards)
I'm focusing on the Machies only right now, and just finished my wants list, in ~nifty picture format~

I'm wondering how much I can expect to pay for some of these, the rarities, etc. (I know the LVL X and probably some of the Japanese-only versions are probably gonna cost me more)
Also, vending cards. Are those considerably rare? I hardly know anything about them, but some of the cards I need are from that set =X

I'm not really looking to buy right now (hardly anything in my Paypal), but if you're looking for certain cards or something, maybe we can work out a trade c=

(All images credit to bulbapedia)

My apologies for suuch a boring post ^^;
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