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Possible Future Items + Currently Sold Out Wishlists!

PhotobucketPossible Future Items Wishlists!Photobucket

Regardless if what you are looking for hasn't been in the kiosk yet or is currently sold out, let me know anyway! 8D I will get it for you when it pops up~

  • Post the item you are looking for and I will start a Wishlist for it/update the current list with your name added, so if it appears in the kiosk I will know what to buy for which person~ It's basically a way for me to buy specific pokedolls that appear for pkmn fans that *know* they want them and can pay anytime, to speed things along and get everyone their long awaited plush all the sooner!
  • Please request items in a similar vein to those in the kiosk, like pokedolls, figures, games, and card packs/sets. (As a note, I am not taking DX pokedoll requests unless they confirm they will be getting more. Sorry! n-n;)
  • Keep in mind that if you are on the list and your item appears in the kiosk, I am buying it then and there, whether it is 3 weeks from now or 3 months! So the rules apply here too: Putting yourself on this list means you *know* you are committed and able to pay whenever your item pops up! If you don't want to be committed financially, please check back every now and then or look for my updates on the new stock. :)
  • You *are* allowed to take your name off your "future item" wishlist whenever you like, just keep in mind to do it as soon as you know you don't want the item anymore. I will be set to purchase your request(s) unless I hear from you otherwise, and if I already purchased it I will still need the commitment~!
First Generation Starter Pokedolls (possible upcoming stock)
  • Bulbasaur: kiiyame, darkangelilith, mastershambler, yellowmudkip, iceicesneasel, heychado, mitgas, wildorched, tiieme, marigoldkisses, pika_lex, starscream8, waruihikari, shiroicookie, winter_sonata1, lickskillet*,
  • Charmander: kiiyame, uralic, usagimakeup, yellowmudkip, meowllz, heychado, mitgas, neonr0se, wildorched, sentret_draws, allinia, pika_lex, starscream8, chamo_chan, eternal_rena, waruihikari, winter_sonata1, usernamedesired,
  • Squirtle: kiiyame, rentorar, usagimakeup, sparkysparkster, heychado, mitgas,wildorched, rococomelodies, eins_zwei_nein, astromanticist, pika_lex, starscream8, waruihikari, meowthcollector, winter_sonata1, nicolarbear,

PhotobucketPokédoll Wishlist! A-Z
-Altaria: doomycaffei, laceyglacey, rocket_chick, meowllz, lumpyspaceking, chairoi,
-Absol: rypeltajaroll, rentorar, pokezombie, shadoweon,
-Aipom: meowthcollector,
-Bidoof: korth_dono,
-Blaziken: noctowl100
-Buizel: zangooseel, mellow_candy, jeansama, iceicesneasel,
-Charizard: sorcererhuntres,
-Cherrim: lunaeris,
-Cleffa: allinia,
-Clefairy: kokicola, tornaderman, marigoldkisses
-Corphish: noctowl100
-Deoxys Attack: korth_dono,
-Deoxys Defense: korth_dono,
-Ditto: darkangelilith, mastershambler, dinictis,
-Dragonite: synchrostatic, marigoldkisses,
-Duskull: snowball21,
-Espeon: kiiyame, doomycaffei, laceyglacey, charmystar, buttribbons, rentorar, pokezombie, marigoldkisses, dinictis, akihio,
-Gengar: kiiyame,
-Glaceon: doomycaffei, mastershambler, charmystar, buttribbons, rentorar, pokezombie, marigoldkisses, akihio,
-Houndour: rentorar, first_mate_kate, folvey, chronidu, katcheecricket, cristinahazard, darkangelilith, tissuepaperpet, thecagebirdsing, rypeltajaroll, pokezombie, shadoweon, fluffyhoundour,
-Jirachi: queenplooshy,
-Leafeon: naialana, doomycaffei, mastershambler, sorcererhuntres, charmystar, buttribbons, rentorar, pokezombie, marigoldkisses, dinictis,
-Luxray: mousealchemist,
-Magikarp: chronidu, mastershambler, kiiyame, theevilpotato, korth_dono, dinictis,
-Meowth: masterpetediddy, rypeltajaroll, noctowl100, meowthcollector,
-Metagross: snowball21,
-Mew: snowball21, francis, lunaeris, allinia,
-Minun: sorcererhuntres,
-Mow Rotom: snowball21,
-Mudkip: katcheecricket, liewqi, rococomelodies,
-Natu: doomycaffei, mastershambler, kiiyame, francis, noctowl100
-Noctowl: doomycaffei, masterpetediddy(*),
-Pachirisu: darkangelilith
-Pichu (Tuft Hair): masterpetediddy,
-Plusel: sorcererhuntres,
-Poliwhirl: darkangelilith,
-Rayquaza: jadekitty777,
-Reshiram: jadekitty777,
-Rotom: snowball21, jeansama,
-Salamence: katcheecricket
-Sceptile: mastershambler
-Shadow Lugia: kiiyame,
-Shinx: fluffyhoundour
-Smoochum: masterpetediddy, korth_dono, miss_fuu_chan,
-Spheal: zangooseel, rentorar, noctowl100, lunglock, rococomelodies,
-Spinda: masterpetediddy(*),
-Spiritomb: snowball21, mastershambler,
-Swampert: katcheecricket,
-Tauros: spiritwolven,
-Umbreon: aleyina, doomycaffei, synchrostatic, shindkrow, oldskoolstyle, rentorar,
-Vaporeon: kiiyame, doomycaffei, shindkrow, jeansama, folvey, theevilpotato, lunglock, charmystar, oldskoolstyle, buttribbons, mousealchemist, orangegarchomp, rentorar, pokezombie, rattatarose, marigoldkisses,
-Wailord: euripus, irethsune, katcheecricket, revanchists, sorcererhuntres, parkerer, theevilpotato, fluffyhoundour, akihio,
-Weavile: amai_psycho,
-Wishcash: korth_dono,
-Xmas Pikachu: masterpetediddy, (*)
-Xmas Piplup: masterpetediddy(*),
-Xmas Turtwig: masterpetediddy (*),
-Zorua: charmystar, celebiii

Currently sold out Pokedoll Wishlist! Retail: $10.95
  • Elekid pokedoll: snowball21, rattatarose, rentorar, thunderwolfcat, darkangelilith, ifeelasin, 
  • Eevee pokedoll (velboa): rehime,
  • Lucario pokedoll (velboa): evil_leprachaun
  • Munchlax pokedoll (velboa): darkangelilith, kneesocks, gonbe563, hello_jello, xreachtheskyx, misterdeluxe, luvbi, jedi_amara,
  • Snorlax pokedoll (velboa): leemax, darkangelilith, melodicrevival, hello_jello, mikiojames, nicolarbear, rehime,
  • Arceus pokedoll (minky): usagimakeup, Sodapopninja, spinnigold, mcflury10,
  • Chimchar pokedoll (minky): chamo_chan (holding),
  • Darkrai pokedoll (minky) usagimakeup,
  • Dialga pokedoll (minky): Sodapopninja, mcflury10, silverhawk33, 
  • Giratina pokedoll (minky): blue_drag0nfly, darkangelilith, Meowllz, spinnigold, mcflury10, tealbulbasaur, bluehyaku, storms_in_orbit, first_mate_kate, thalnos8888,
  • Palkia pokedoll (minky): Meowllz, Meowllz's friend (xD),mcflury10,
  • Piplup pokedoll (minky): wildorched (holding), rococomelodies,
  • Shaymin pokedoll (minky): winter_sonata1, orangecorgi, usagimakeup, royalballoon, mcflury10, orangecorgi, fluffyhoundour, first_mate_kate, 
  • Skymin pokedoll (minky): jadekitty777, Meowllz, Sodapopninja, Shayminlove, winter_sonata1, mcflury10, tealbulbasaur, bluehyaku,
  • Turtwig pokedoll (minky): xclaretx, kitsunewho, silverhawk33,
  • Entei pokedoll (minky): spideyroxas, Meowllz, mcflury10, silverhawk33, 
  • Flareon (velboa): espie, chatsy, blue_drag0nfly, bluehyaku,
  • Jolteon pokedoll (velboa): espie, winter_sonata1, bluehyaku, katcheecricket, 
  • Latias pokedoll (velboa): myvampirelust19, silverhawk33, sheimi4,
  • Latios pokedoll (velboa): spideyroxas, silverhawk33, sheimi4,
  • Riolu pokedoll (minky): kitsunewho
  • (Spiky eared!)Pichu pokedoll (minky):
  • Raikou pokedoll (minky): spideyroxas, Meowllz, mcflury10, bluehyaku, silverhawk33,
  • Skitty pokedoll (velboa): sparkysparkster, zer0_digits, silverhawk33,
  • Suicune pokedoll (minky): Meowllz, silverhawk33,
  • Groudon pokedoll (velboa): kitsunewho, mcflury10, miss_citrius,
  • Ho-Oh pokedoll (velboa): celebiii, myvampirelust19, yurusumaji, mcflury10,
  • Kyogre pokedoll (velboa): yurusumaji, eternal_rena, mcflury10, storms_in_orbit,
  • Lugia pokedoll (minky):   spideyroxas, scribbits, royalballoon, mcflury10,
  • Lucario pokedoll (Velboa):
  • Pikachu pokedoll (velboa):
  • Celebi pokedoll (velboa): lovedbyahero, mcflury10,
  • Chikorita pokedoll (velboa): winter_sonata1, xclaretx
  • Cyndaquil pokedoll (velboa): hamburger, antoj, grind3h, spideyroxas, soulsilver_iv, winter_sonata1, miss_citrius,
  • Totodile pokedoll(velboa): liewqi, rococomelodies
Currently sold out Figure Wishlist! Retail: $5.49
  • Suicune figure: sheimimomo, chargan_rawr, echizenakira, myvampirelust19,
  • Entei figure: girlmecha, echizenakira, myvampirelust19,
  • Raikou figure: lickskillet, starscream8, echizenakira, myvampirelust19, tealbulbasaur,
  • Ho-Oh figure:
  • Lugia figure:
  • Latios figure:
  • Latias figure:
  • Giratina figure: 6_05,
  • Darkrai figure:
  • Dialga figure: anodyne_geno,
  • Palika figure:
  • Lucario figure:
  • Pikachu figure: mysticeden, jadekitty777
  • Jirachi figure: happyjolteon,
  • Heatran figure:
  • Regice figure:
  • Registeel figure:
  • Regigigas figure:
  • Charizard figure: echizenakira, first_mate_kate, mitgas, usagimakeup,
  • Garchomp figure:
  • Chikorita figure (from the other mall kiosk): echizenakira,
  • Cyndaquil figure (from the other mall kiosk): thunderwolfcat, echizenakira, miss_citrius,
  • Totodile figure (from the other mall kiosk): echizenakira,
  • Celebi figure (from the other mall kiosk):
  • Mew figure (from the other mall kiosk): waruihikari*,
  • Arceus figure (from the other mall kiosk):

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