Sarah/Toasty (agkelikos) wrote in pkmncollectors,

a few more gets (incl. an unexpected grail)

Hey again! I don't normally post this quickly (and probably won't update again for a while) but I got a few more things over the last couple of days that I wanted to share. :3 Click the cut for more (you know you want to!)

Tinygon says "hi!"

First I want to introduce you to my second future shop mascot! Yes he will be partners with the Swoobat from my last post |D This poseable tiny and shiny custom Flygon was from kitbug. I saw him up for auction and fell in love immediately. ;; I've decided to call him Mini (Mini and Mochi the Bat |D) due to his little size~ Despite that though he's so well made and I love how poseable he is! (He's currently clinging to the top of my laptop but I forgot to take a picture.)

Scaling duvet mountain~


Definitely another one of my favourites <3

I also received the Reshiram Zukan today which just inspired me to get the Pokedoll even more. >.>;; I may very well purchase it next week at this rate!

And I have a couple of new additions to my Blue Team! XD The Hasbro Quagsire and Friends Plush were from nagaineko and I am so grateful to them for selling these to me. ;; I adore them!

As for the grail, I recently made a purchase on eBay of something I didn't actually know existed (though I'm probably a derp for saying that haha). I debated whether or not to buy it but... eventually I gave in. I've decided that had I known it existed it would have been a grail of mine so I'm very excited to receive it! I'll let you guys know when it arrives! :D /purposefully vague

That's all for now, thanks! ^^
Tags: collection, flygon, quagsire, reshiram
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