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A request!

I apologize for two posts on the first page!

Anyway, as many as you know, I lost a GA yesterday, (should have seen it coming with the BIN), and so, dearest pkmncollectors, I come to you with a request.

Hasbro talking Feraligatr.
This motherf-- this cutiepie has been eluding me for years. I first found out about him about 3/4 years ago, before pkmncollectors existed and people were still posting sales posts in pokemon. While I deliberated over whether or not I wanted to purchase him, someone had snapped him up. I thought, "awww I bet he's not that hard to find."

Well, he is. At least for me.

I have only seen him twice on the community, (outside of someone's collection) and both times he was claimed by the GA runner. :( Tbf, I was inactive on the community for about a year and for all I know, he showed up in one million sales posts during that time.

So please, if any of you have him and would consider selling him, let me know! Or if you spot him on eBay and don't mind showing me, that would be awesome as well. Thanks guys. ;; I wouldn't call this guy my grail because he really isn't that rare, but he is definitely my most wanted item.

I have the Scizor from this set:

So if anybody would like to do a trade, I'd be all for that.

Updated my sales post with flats, plush, figures and other items too:

Click here or the image to be transported!
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