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WANT post. :3 Oh, and possible GA? :)

Well, there's this GA. With some kids I've been looking for. But I don't have sales permish.
I absolutely ADORE doing spreadsheets and math and everything like that, I just can't do anything with the actual product in terms of the community. ;_; If anyone would like to co-host with bidding and shipping, I would be really happy.
Although it ends in less than a day, and if I don't get any co-hosting interest in about 6 hours, there probably won't be enough time to get everything set and enough time to bid. :(

Please PM me or reply to this post if you're interested! :)

GA post is up! :D

Auction pics:
Oh, and just to be boring, RANDOM IMPOSSIBLE GRAIL WANT POST! :D

AGGGH I've been looking for this lapras for Lord knows how long. ;_; I wanted to know if anyone has information on how much it would go for--I know they're super rare, but an opinionated quote from people on the comm on how much one should cost would be great. While he's a grail of mine, I don't wanna spend like... $1,000 on him. :(  

BIG LAPRAS IS BIG. :O Just in case you haven't seen the poke plush project picture, go find it. Now. And look at how big he is compared to that CD. D:< It's unbearable big.

On another note. Does anyone in the comm own one? I'm not really asking if anyone'll sell this beauty, but I just wanted to know what he's made out of and how big he is compared to an actual human--is he cuddly or more for display? :)

Tags: group auction, kids, lapras, plush
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