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Introduction Post

 Hello everybody! I am new to this community, after manning up and deciding to join after a month or so of lurking XD This is the main reason I got a LJ account, truthfully

Anyway, I started playing Pokemon when I was about 7, and my very first game was Pokemon Gold! Ever since Pokemon came to the United States, I had been in love with them. I had always had various merchandise throughout the years, but as I started growing up I got rid of al of my stuff :( But now, after a trip to Nintendo World in New York City late December and the recent purchase of Pokemon Soulsilver, my love for Pokemon has rekindled greatly! I am a new collector, starting just this year, and I find it much fun! 

My favorite Pokemon is Shaymin <3 Although I am partial to older Pokemon (1st and 2nd generation FTW!) I couldn't resist this guy! Just too adorable to resist! ;_; I hope to collect more merchandise with Shaymin, but it all depends on my wallet XD. I also like to collect Eeveelutions as well as Lucario, and I want to see my meager collection expand, with the help of you guys! When the 5th generation comes out in the US, I also want to start my own Darumakka collection!

Well enough with the text, now on to my collection!

My very first Pokemon kids! They hold a special place in my heart because they spurred me to collect even more merchandise! ^^

My other kids!! I won them off of ebay. The Wailmer is a rare clear and the Minum is glow in the dark

Lucario, Latios and Lapras Pokedolls from Nintendo World, as well as a Lucario figure

The legendaries from Johto! Also pictured is an Entei figure.

My (very small) Eevee collection! I hope to increase this greatly XD

Some of the figures that I have. The Chikorita and Jirachi figures are ones I have acquired recently, whereas the Mew, Absol and Mudkip I had lying around in my closet for some time.

My Giratina figure! It came as an extra with my kids. Does anybody know where this is from and who it is created by? I have never seen it before XD

Just a few of my cards that I have hanging up from various booster packs. Sorry for the glare >.< flash obviously doesn't like plastic covering

And finally.....

MY SHAYMIN COLLECTION!! It's a small collection (right now), but I really hope that it gets bigger! 
And underneath are a couple of the games I own for my DS.

Thank you and happy collecting! :D 
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