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Collection update!

These came sooner than I expected, so it's time to share once again!

happyjolteon had some Darkrai items I didn't even know existed, and since I thought there wouldn't really be any new items out there I'd add to my Darkrai collection, I was plesantly surprised.

This is the regular enameled movie charm for Darkrai, and it's so awesome and detailed! <3 It's definitely one of my favorite of the flat charms. ;A;

Here's the wind-up figure that I never knew about before, either. It's also nifty, so I'm amused. ^o^

Although not related to Darkrai, I still love this bunch! A variety of figures~! From left to right, we have the Dialga sukui/scooping figure, my first Umbreon kid figure, a Milotic kid figure, a Seviper kid figure, and finally the Arceus soap figure.

And finally, we have this custom Mewtwo plush by glacidea, which I've nicknamed Albedo. :3 I really like the body details, such as the neck tube~!

It's kind of like taking a trip down memory lane because even though Darkrai and Mewtwo are some of my all-time favorites, there's not much new stuff out there with them. It brings a smile to my face seeing things out there that I never knew existed! Even better is if I see them in person and all, hahaha.

Thanks for reading! :3
Tags: arceus, custom, darkrai, dialga, figures, kids, mewtwo, milotic, seviper, umbreon
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