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Collection update!

While I say update, the first time I posted here was also the last - and that was near the inception of this wonderful community! So, I guess this a re-intro post of sorts.

I adore Dragonite and it's the only Pokemon that I really actively collect. I'd like to expand it even more but am not currently adding to my collection due to medical issues and huge bills. I just pulled out the last box of figures I hadn't put on display yet and added them to my shelf, so it's time for a collection update! The majority of these items have come from sales in this awesome community with a few I've imported myself.

First up, a picture of the entire group. Any Dratinis and Dragonairs are strictly incidental as I don't collect them. These all came with some of my Dragonite orders so I added them as part of the evolutionary line:

The whole group photo is a little fuzzy, so here's a closer view of the left side of that group. My favorite figure out of all of my figures is the Dragonite in between the small plush and DX Kids figure:

Closeup of my favorite figure, from a series called the Real Collection. The detail on this guy is absolutely amazing:

Closer view of the right side of the group:

Here's a view of some of the miscellaneous and hanging items I have. There are more items, but I don't have the space to display it all:

Here's a good picture of my beautiful custom statue, made by shesatiger:

View of the statue from the right side:

View from the left. The base is so gorgeous with the little flowers and grass!:

Once I'm able to collect again, I'm on the hunt for the most recent Kids figure, which I am missing, and also several more plush, as well as any other figures I'm missing. My one grail that seems to always slip away is the bell plush, but I haven't given up on it yet! I'll have to find another shelf for additions; the one I'm using is completely full - a wonderful "problem" to have!

I also have small side collections of Professor Oak and Buizel, but nowhere to display them right now! In the future when I have more room, expect another update!
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