Longcat (nagaineko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Ruby&Sapphire GA reminder

Sorry about posting this with all of the GA business going on, but.... reminder for this GA!!

Click the pics or here to be transported!

The second lot is doing fine, but it looks like we've got some competition for the first lot.... it might be a little tough to win that one, especially with good discounts. =/  But the GA ends Saturday night, so let's work to get those bids in!!!

On another entirely different note, you guys might actually be actually seeing a collection update from me soon!!!  I KNOW IT'S TAKEN FOREVER AND AT THIS RATE IT'LL PROBABLY BE ME CELEBRATING A YEAR... XDD  But I finally have a nice set-up, so I'm excited to show off all of the stuff I've gathered from being here. >w<

And for those of you who are curious about packages, I've gotten a few small ones out, but I've been suffering from that little thing called "weather" (as everyone else has been from what it sounds like...) and won't be able to ship the majority of them until after this weekend. D:  Thanks for being patient with me. <3  I will try my best to get some more out tomorrow!
Tags: group auction
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