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Collection update with a bigger update!

For starters! I will be attending the Pokemon Black and White Mall tour in Washington this Saturday with friends! I will be cosplaying Dento/Cilan along with many others cosplayers such as a Pichu, Venusaur, Professor Oak, White, Ash and Cheren! Say hi if you see me! I plan on taking many pics there and posting n update of it here ASAP!

I am still waiting on several packages but due to flying out of town tomorrow, I will have a large update when I return!

In the meantime, here are some of the recent gets I picked up as well as one of my top grails!

Many thanks go out to
kawaiikes- for various kids here!
[info]senshi_of_ruin -for Steelix Sneasle, and Ariados kids [info]aleyina   for more awesome kids!
mana_mihara for the Kyogre Tfg and new cards!

Many new kids reside on my monitor for now! I had been wanting the Cherubi one for a while now which actually fell in this pic.  Also this is my first Mudkip figure and I love the Mewtwo kid! The Poliwrath is an excellent addition to my Polis!

Tepig line Plamo and Munna line Zukan!

Roar! Powerful Piggys!

My Piggy collection so far!

I love the Treeco stamper! Also another awesome addtion to my Porygon collection! The Entei was a gift and I am a proud owner of the electronic Bulbasaur! It needs batteries though haha

GRAIL GETTO!!!! I have been searching for this badboy for awhile now and it always eluded me but was happy to see others win it on the community! Then one day on Ebay, there is was! I did a BIN of course and just got it yesterday!

So big and plushy!

Saur plus family! I love these guys so much! I am seeking the UK Burgerking plush as well as Pansie! haha If we could make copies of what we have to make up for what the other is missing, we would only need that one BK plush!

My biggest grail is the Saur line Zukan! If you have this or see anywhere, please let me know as I will pay top dollar for it! Thank you :)

My grass setup on the Chikorita bandana! If anyone has the Poliwhirl bandana, I reaaaaly want it~! I am also seeking Meganium kids as well as the Sceptile and Bulbasaur Pokedolls!

thanks for looking! I'll have a huge update and many pics of the Black and White mall tour next week! Happy collecting and selling!

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