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Intro + Questions about my stuff!

Hello everyone! I go by windy or Sarah, and I've been a member here since early November I believe, though I have yet to buy anything or even comment! Shocking, I know! I'm incredibly shy and that has prevented me from purchasing items. Just making this post is making my heart rate rise like I'm about to give a speech. ;(

I've been a fan of Pokemon since Red and Blue came out here. I have a few games, and have since imported and beaten Black. I'm super excited to play English White, too!

I have a pitifully small collection of plush as of now, mostly because I am a poor student living at home without a job. I am waiting on a Yanappu/Pansage UFO from Ebay and some Piplup and Kyogre plush from a friend, though. Yay, Christmas money!

Here's a pic of what I have now - see? Pitiful! All plush are of my favs, though not all of my favs are represented. I also love Altaria, Archeops, and Washibon/Rufflet, among others. Birds, mostly. :)

Questions about my other Pokemon items are under the cut.

Now, I dug up my brother's old Pokemon merch from a box in our storage room last night, which is what really spurred me to make this post. I'm interested in selling almost all of it (he gave me permission! :P), though of course I don't have sales permission. It's quite daunting for an inexperienced collector (if you can even call me one) to find out the worth of all of this stuff, so that's where I turn to you fantastic people for help. (If that's allowed, of course... If it's not just let me know!)

Anyway, if any of it is worth anything and you guys are really interested in some of this stuff, I can become more active on the community so I can become qualified to become a seller. If not much is worth anything I think I'll put everything up on Ebay. If better pics are needed of certain items, I have my camera here ready to go.

All of this stuff is in fantastic condition except for the little Pika flip calculator - his nose is chipped slightly.

I have to assume that Pika in the box on the left is a bootleg because well, it's Korean.
I think the one thing in all these pictures I'm not interested in selling as of now is Yellow. If it's worth a ton then I probably will though, haha.

The fabric Pika says his name, I've been meaning to clean the Pika to the right of him, and I highly doubt that watch still works.


Their limbs can be adjusted.

I don't believe these have ever been taken out of their packaging, though I am not totally sure.

The Pika is a calculator.

Closeup of the Korean Pika. It's new in box and has never been assembled.

Whoo, more Pika!

I'm guessing Togepi is legit and Kabutops is a bootie? Kabutops looks pretty nice if so. My brother can't remember where he bought either figure.

My brother told me he would wear this to school and do Ash's hat-turn and his "I choose you!" line for his friends. :) Looks pretty gross because I haven't cleaned it yet.

I am very curious about this Raichu. It has some Chinese on the box (more than I would like), it says "Fushigidane" on the box, and check out the text on the back...

I realize these pics have terrible glare on them so I can retake if necessary.

And now for cards...
I took pictures of pages with first edition cards or holos. I have quite a few others but just didn't think it was necessary to take pics of all of them. All my cards are in perfect condition.

I found that crazy-looking Voltorb in the middle of the street way back in the day. It's quite beat up but I thought it was way cool because it's in Japanese. Probably worth $0.01? :D

I remember buying that Vaporeon from a kid outside of my elementary school. Those were the days~ I also have a non-holo Vaporeon behind the Espeon.

Sorry about this one being so blurry. All on this page are holo except Unown, Mewtwo, and Mew.

Jumpluff and Gyarados are holo.

Lastly, I have this Minun card I found loose in my card binder. It's holo and is considerably beaten up. It has scuffs along the edges and is bowed. I'm wondering exactly where it's from since it's Japanese.

Phew! That's all. I hope this post is okay and everything; this is the first I've posted on LJ in years!

Thanks so much and hello again!
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