Allinia (allinia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Clear Kids GA - Pay Me!

Invoices are in and payments are due for the Clear Kids RUSH!GA. We raised about double the total for both the auction and shipping to me, many of you will be quite pleased with the discounts! Please send all payments to [email removed] with "Clear Kids Rush GA Payment 1" somewhere in the payment with your username :)  

If you're in the US, pay the first amount - if you're out of the US, pay the second - simple enough!  Please comment here with your location so I can add it to the spreadsheet for reference.

Please pay as soon as possible - the exchange rate has been fluctuating greatly within the past couple of days, if we wait too long to pay it's possible that we'll have to pay more.

Thanks everyone ♥

(To the participants of the kitbug Massive Kids GA: I'm so so sorry, but the shipping supplies I ordered nearly half a month ago now have still not arrived. You're all aware that the Northeast US has been hit with ridiculous winter weather this month and I was told that the delay is blizzard-related. Again, I'll have your totals calculated as soon as these arrive and I apologize for the wait!)
Tags: group auction
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