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Wants and help requests

I don't know if this is a common sort of request or not, so please correct me if I'm doing something wrong...

Anyway, I saw this little guy on Ebay, but they only ship to the States... And I have a friend who'd die for one. Is there anyone who would be so kind and get it for me? I'd be happy to pay a few extra dollars as a thanks. On the other hand, if anyone here has the same plush for a decent price, that would do just as fine. Or anything else Swampert related, I'd be happy to buy them too! Mudkip and Marshtomp are okay too in some cases, but Swampert is my friend's number 1 want. :3

And this little one would be for myself. I've wanted one for ages and this one is the first one that would actually be cheap... It's not in the best possible condition, but it's still cute. And once again shipping within the US only... It's annoying. So please help?
I want to have both a Pikachu and a Pokewalker on my belt! x3

Helper found, thank you! ^^

And while I'm at it, I could list a few more wants.

Raichu wants:
- Raichu mega block
- Raichu line mighty beanz
- Raichu zukan (though I've seen how expensive they are so it's probably something I can't afford just yet... :<)
- Raichu retsuden stamps
- Raichu candy grabber
- other random Raichu things (I should probably go through Gin's collection to see what I want x3)

I really should start collecting feedback so I can get a sales permission. I've already spent more than I was supposed to... x3
Tags: raichu, swampert, wanted
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