Blackjack Gabbiani (blackjackrocket) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Blackjack Gabbiani

So! What do you want to add to your collection more than anything, but you're hampered by the little problem that it doesn't exist?

-You know those dioramas with various locations around the Pokemon world? Like the Pokemon Center one, the movie 2 shrine one, etc? Well...I'd like a Rocket Headquarters one. No matter how small. And for that matter, it'd be awesome if the Lightning Island one had the wreck of the Hikoukyuu on it. And a Hale Mansion one from movie 3 would kick ass.

-Since they made the action figures of the villians from the 5th movie, since they're so action-based...well, the villian of 4 was action-based as well, so I see no reason why there shouldn't be a Marauder figure.

-Granted, there probably *will* be one of these eventually since the TFG seems to be making all the Kanto GLs, but I can't wait for the eventual Giovanni figure. The only collectable I think exists of him, besides the cards, is the small metal figure, and the face is all wrong.

-Anime-based cards from the specials as well as the movies. I'd love to get a Domino card (given that she doesn't have any pokemon, she'd have to be an effect-based Trainer card) or, say, Buson's Skarmory.

-Something with Marin. Marin was the winner of the "Draw Pikachu's Friend" contest in Japanese and got on the cover of an issue of Magical Pokemon Journey. It's a small blue creature with a crescent moon-shaped tail.

-A manga laying out backstories for the Gym Leaders/E4. The only ones we really got were in How I Became A Pokemon Card with Giovanni and a little glimpse into Erika's past.

-Dubs of the CD dramas. They could include them with a movie if they didn't think they'd sell on their own. I want my English Mondo, dammit! And I wonder what they'd name Miyamoto (I'd call her Frankie, myself, but I bet it'd be Maya).

-A Team Galactic card set. Of course, they may eventually make this, but it doesn't exist *now*.

-Since it's a plot point in the games, a Red Gyarados zukan.

-Something with the GSC Rival. RBY Rival got stuff, both RSE kids got stuff, and I'm pretty sure the blond kid from DP got stuff too. But nothing with the redheaded jackass, even though his cheap knockoff Paul gets stuff! And Paul wasn't even in the games!

-They make so many Ash figures, but I'd like some alternate outfits. They could make a Kids figure of Ashley or something. And an Aura Hero Ash figure would be a top seller!

-For that matter, Kids figures of the villians who aren't JJ&M. At least the Team Leaders.

As you can see, I have no life.
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