Laura or Gabi is fine. (strangelycute) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Laura or Gabi is fine.

My fellow Pokemon Collectors...

I am 92 days away from graduating nursing school. The past couple of semesters have been hell, but Pokemon collecting has been a bright and shining point in the darkness. I haven't been doing collection updates because my camera doesn't work anymore... and being a student with only my husband's income we aren't going to be getting a new one for a little while. I did want to share with you three pictures from my phone that aren't bad! So without further ado, meet my favorite Gen 5 Pokemon, for obvious reasons, and let me show you some of my collection setup!

I actually bought the little accessories for her before she was even released. I found them at the dollar store during Halloween and I got them hoping they would fit. I think they are just right! Nothing is sewn on or anything, they all come off and are held in place by elastic loops. <3

Next some collection rearranging ... I moved bits of my collection from its little space in the corner of my study room and spread it throughout the house. Why not? I'm an adult! I can do it. So now here are two shots of the ceiling above my entertainment center, and my entertainment center.

Again, nothing is damaging the 'mons here. Loops of yarn are doing the holding up in rigging to make sure not too much pressure is in any one area.

One eevolution away. :)

Just in case you think I might be being unfair to my husband- he's got shelves of lego Star Wars and Godzilla models in the same room! We're two peas in a pod, as far as collecting is concerned. One of our friends said that the living room looks like yin and yang with my pokemon/fairy stuff on one half and his godzilla/star wars stuff. :)
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