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small collection gets + sales

Aaaa I'm so sorry for the shipping delays, to the people who are still waiting on sales/GA things from me! January has kind of sucked in terms of school, weather, and being sick.. but I'm hoping to have the last bunch of packages out this Saturday! Thank you very much for your patience! ;u;

In other news, I got a few neat things this past week! Click the cut for a few collection things and some sales c:

I love Pokedollsssss *u* My three most recent - Peachy, Sunny, and Sissel. I need to stop being a giant dork with names. Sunny the Teddiursa is SUPER SOFT AUGH. And in excellent condition! You can see the difference in fabric between him and loved Pichu.. I don't mind loved Pokedolls at all since they're all wonderful, but Teddiursa is just great *u* Umbreon steals the show being adorable, as always.

Sort of an accidental get.. Meet Seven the 1:1 Pichu! I middled a 1:1 tufty Pichu for h1n1vulpix  and fell in love with how soft it was.. so when this guy popped up on eBay I snagged him C: Seven's posing with his other 1:1 bros, G-man and Dr. Breen. (Seven's name fits the theme but you will never figure out how because it is stupid.)

Seven and Peachy, bffs for life! Why is Pichu so cute. Why.

I also got a cute Jakks figure! Who could it be!?!?

I was hoping this guy was in better condition when I got the lot in, but he has .. nightmare eyes .. and some pale pink marker or something across his back. If anybody wants him anyway, he'd be $2ish plus shipping?

More salesy things! Turtwig and Makuhita are $2 and are in pretty good condition.
Seviper and Shroomish have some wear and paint rubs, and are $1. Glaceon's previous owner apparently didn't like the chunks of plastic around its legs so they cut them out o_O Glaceon is currently not available but let me know if you'd be interested in him for $1.
Aaand finally Luxray is in excellent shape and is $4!

Yayquaza has average wear on the red fins, and seems to have some .. glitter on him. How fabulous! He's $3.
Dragonite and Totodile coins are $1 each, and the plastic cases are rollerstamp holders, and can hold three each. Free, just pay shipping!

Anything from this post can be combined with stuff bought from my sales post HERE! If you pay by tomorrow night, I should hopefully be able to mail your purchase out on Saturday morning! Yaaay! Thank you for reading C:

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