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Trashbags and Heart Bat Crochet Auction

Hello everyone!  I have recently recieved sales permission and was hoping to start out with a small Ga, but do to time and a possible move coming up I don't want to risk a sudden address change, so I'll wait and keep an eye open for the perfect GA for you and me. 

Until then I come bearing 2 crochet pokes that I would like to try on Auction with.  I have too little room to keep everything I make on my desk and would love for these little guys to find a great home!
So do you love Trashbags and Heart Bats? If so check it out!

*I can only accept Paypal at this time in USD
*I ship from the US, and I will ship international
*Shipping,packaging and fees are not included in bid price
*US starts at $2, Cand $3-4 and $5 for international for packaging, shipping and fees
*Sales given on 1/30/11 by dakajojo 
*my feedback is here
*All bids are final, Backing out or deleating posts will result in a negative feedback.
*No snipping, the auction will end after 15 minutes have passed with no bids.
**Auction will end Friday, 2/11/11 at 11pm Eastern time**

First up is the adorable trashbag, that reminds me so much of my old dorm room!


*Starts at $10 USD
*Stands Apx 7 inches tall and Apx 9 inches wide
*made from soft acrylic yarn and filled with poly-fil
*Safety eyes with felt details hand stiched on

And now for the love bat every pokemon collector needs for their collection cave!

*Starts at 20
*starts at Apx 9-10 inches with a Apx 13-14 inch wingspand
*Made with soft acrylic yarn, fun fur yarn and, filled with poly-fil
*Safety eyes, and felt details hand sewn on
*His wings are sewn only at the base so he has some movement, he can hug himself =3

Thank you all for looking and participating.
*Sadly I currently JUST got called into work and will be gone soon, but it is only a five hour shift, so feel free to ask questions and I will get back to you as soon as I get home!* I'M BACK!!!!  Thank you for your patience!


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