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Giant Pikachu Plush, anyone want it?

Alrighty, so I've had a few people ask me about this plushie ("The One and Only" Cuddle Pillow, as titled by the tags):

Now, a large number of people from around the world or parts of USA that don't have the store "Rite Aid" have asked me if I'd be willing to buy the Huge Pikachu Plushie and ship it to them in exchange for the money via paypal. After thinking this over for a while, I realized it wouldn't be that much trouble to stop by the store and pic up a few for those who requested it. It is, after all, on the way to and from work and would take hardly any of my time to get XD

What I'd basicly do is act as SMA (Shopping Mall America) except without any fees. You pay the exact amount it's worth, I send it out and then charge you what it cost me to ship, which would also be an exact.

The plush itself is roughly 24 inches (61cm) tall, not including the ears, and is made by the company "Funhouse". There's an audio CD next to the pikachu in the image as reference. It's an official Diamond and Pearl product and comes with a tag featuring Dialga.

Exterior: 100% polyester
Fill: 100% polyester

The "Cuddle Pillow" sells retail for $19.99 USD and with tax comes to $21.39 USD
Shipping varies from country to country, so I'll charge for that after it's been shipped for the exact amount it cost me, which can be verified when the package arrives. For those in the USA, the same process will apply since I'm not sure as to what shipping will be yet.

Post here, or Email me if you're interested:


Other Contact info:
Aim: Hybridr4inbows -I'm usually on as invisible, so if it shows me as offline, feel free to try to send an IM anyway.

Hopefully I can be of some help to those who wanted the giant pika plush.

Also, hate to whore myself out, but I still have stuff for sale in my sales post:
Link to Shop!
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