Brent (shinysuicune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Awesome Get, and Soon-to-be Updates! (sorry for blurry phone pic :/ )

I got a package today from a very close friend of mine (along with a touching letter and beautiful poem!) and inside, I found....

Meet my newest member!
Nickname: Spookers!
OT(original trainer): Muffins :3 (my 'big brother' :D )
Yep, the Giratina Preorder figure! I was going to get one via Platinum preorder, but we never made it out to our GameStop. Then, he was spotted new and sealed at a Best Buy for ten bucks....which my aunt found to be too much. /sigh
But then, Muffins sent one my way! Spookers is a little loved, but still gorgeous and quite lovable. (am I the only one to find nonchibi gira adorable?)

Also guys, expect a collection update soonish-whenever I can get to my actual collection with a camera that isn't my phone-Expect a couple of awesome gets, Spookers on his shelf, and speaking of shelves, the herd now resides on a nifty shelf unit instead of my floor/small shelf/table! |D
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