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Buizel mini-grail get! :3

Hi, pkmncollectors! A couple of weeks ago, I got a very special package in the mail! :D Mini-grail get! I meant to post about it earlier, but I am a total bum when it comes to making posts. Anyways! Here I am now, to share this happiness with you - others who can appreciate how great it feels to get your hands on something you've been itching for. C:

What could James be so interested in? :O

It's photostory time! Assisting me will by my always-lovely Bui doll, Buoy!

(Sorry for the blurry picture, I only took one like this. :( /lame)

Buoy: " :OOO Is that what I think it is!?"

Buoy: "It is! Takara Tomy Buizel! <3"
TTB: "Excuse me, but in case you haven't noticed, I'M SUFFOCATING HERE."

TTB: "Free at last!"
He's so gorgeous! I don't know what type of fabric he's made of, but it's so sooooooft. It kind of bugs me how if you don't brush it the same direction it looks all different, though. You can see what I mean in this picture, right below his belly.

I called this guy my "mini-grail" because he seemed to be rather rare, and oh boy did I ever want one. >< Months of stalking both eBay and Y!J has paid off at last! <3 He cost a bit more than I was hoping, but afer passing one up last fall because I thought it was too high, I couldn't do it again! He was soooo worth it, though! He's one of my favorites, for sure.

I know others are after him as well, so don't give up hope, he'll turn up eventually! He actually turned up on both Y!J AND eBay at the same time. What are the odds, huh? So just keep watching!

I've decided to name this guy Big Red. :D

Back view! 


View from the top!

And last, but certainly not least, the butt shot!
Big Red: "This is indecent! D<"

Buoy: "I feel so short..."
Big Red: "Why you gotta look so sad? :<"
Buoy looks a little worse for the wear compared to this new guy, huh. xD Buoy is definitely "well-loved," I'd say. I love how different these two are! I feel so lucky that Buizel got so many different kinds of plush. <3

And now! Big Red pic spam! I know that's what everyone wants. ;)

Bui in profile. I love how well-proportioned this guy is.

Similar poses!

My cat, James, was very interested in Big Red. One of my other cats, Noodle, was very interested in the box. She was rubbing all over it. I guess my cats like the smell of Japan? Or something. Idk.

Big Red is a cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything. Even large cardboard dogs. Respect.

Big Red makes a new friend.
Big Red: "He's only looking at me like that because he's jealous of how awesome I am."
Link: "..."

Everybody loves Buizel. EVERYBODY.

Big Red hangs out in exotic locales with some new friends.
Big Red: "I don't like the way that one is looking at me..."
Ebola virus: ">)"

But the best place to be is at home, with your friends. <3
A few of my Buizel plush were at school when I took this picture. Believe me, my shelf will be overflowing with Buis when I get the chance to photograph them all together! xD I'm not even sure if they will all fit...

I'm still expecting a few more Buizel plush in the mail, so I will be doing a full collection update then. I wanted to be able to devote this post to my special newcomer. :D Thanks to everyone for reading!
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