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Zukan Auctions!

Sorry to Spam the community, but this is the only time I have to get this much done XD

I'm auctioning off some more zukan figures:
Pidgey-Piggeot set

Follow the cut:

All Images are from

Auctions will end on Wednesday March 12th at 12 AM (0:00) PST

All of the Zukans up for auction have already been opened, but are in pristine condition. Shipping is $1.00 for USA, $1.50 for international.

Pidgey/evolutons Zukan:

Current Bid: $11
High Bidder: - kari_xiii

Scyther/Scizor Zukan:

Current Bid: $10
High Bidder: - babael

EDIT: I'm going to get some rest for now, I'll be at work until 5PM PST tomorrow, and I'll continue to update. So if you think you're the high bidder and you don't see your name there yet, don't fret, It'll be changed when I get back.

Thanks for looking, everyone 8D
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