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Collection Update :)

Hello all! I've done a lot of spending recently. I'm now pretty strapped for cash... I need to put some money in my bank!

Anyway, I have a picture post to show you my new gets of 2011. There are still more on the way, but I'm going away to America on the 17th (I live in the UK) to stay with my best friend for 3 months! So I think this will be one of my last posts here from my house in Wales for a good while :3

As a teaser; a group shot of my new merch:

So first up is my brand new collection, Bidoof & Bibarel :3 I believe last time I posted, I only had the zukan. Since then I went grabby hands on the chous, Jakks Bibarel (from the lovely ewokie) and Bibarel kid. Off the comm I got Bidoof in a figure ebay auction and Bibarel UFO from an eBay seller ^_^

I have a Bidoof plush coming from a comm member here (sorry for forgetting everyone's usernames D:)! Also I'm commissioning a 1/1 Bidoof Pillow plush from the very talented starlighteevee which I'm very excited about as I've never commissioned anything before :)

The Slows update! I have more coming from the Slow line, but this is what I can show off now: Slowbro Xmas dec and Slowpoke Pokemon time tin which I got from Y!J, and a Slowbro kid I bought from a seller here ^^;

New Chika's! No room for these on my Chika shelf, so going to have to re-think where I display my girls :)
Shoulder Chika? From a GA. Her eye's a bit scratchy but otherwise she's perfect ^_^ then varying degrees of Chika bigness from the UFO line. I also have the dinky one which is on my shelf right now ^_^ Medium sized one is from a GA, shiny from nanoplasm who had to put up with me being a derp, so thank you Nano! and Super DX is from an eBay seller who kindly squished her into a tiny box to save on shipping fees :3

These two came in the auction I got Bidoof kid from. Not really part of my collection so I may get rid of them at some point :)

New Jigglypuffs :) I have so many Jigglypuffs in my room, it's a pink balloon invasion!

I'm not really sure what to say here LOL. I found her on eBay a few weeks ago and she was only $16 so I thought, what the heck! She has tags and stuff, but I dunno if she's legit or what... o_O

Too cute! Need to find something to pin it too :)

Pokedollz! Pokedolls are my fave of all Pokemon plush merch. I figure that any Pokemon I like, but not enough to collect, I'll get a Pokedoll of (if they have one). I have 3 new ones, but one is at my boyfriend's as I got it for him really :) from blackfruitbat I got Cyndaquil and Totodile, and from a GA I got Charmander ^_^

Finally, the most exciting of my update imo, is the 13" Chibi Mijumaru I pre-ordered from nanoplasm! (Kid not new, just there for size comparison!)

When I saw this back... in September I think, I told my boyfriend how much I wanted him and he was like, pre-order him, he'll be your Christmas present! *_* best xmas present ever, srsly. HIS HEAD IS BIGGER THAN MINE:

/Excuse quality and my face xP

He is superior. No clue where to display him yet though, so he's chilling on my sofa downstairs :)

So that's my update! I've told myself I'll pay off the sellers and GA's I owe and NOT buy anything else, since I have no money and will be in America soon haha. Let's see if I keep to that, cos knowing my luck something rare will pop up and I'll be a huge Bidoof and buy it :P
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