Folvey Uo・ェ・oU (folvey) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Folvey Uo・ェ・oU

Temporary Sales And Some Upcoming Stuff.

Okay guyss; I kinda need $20 due to personal stuff, so I'm selling a few things, this sales post includes some plushies (San-X, Sanrio, Pokemon, TY, Etc.), cards, erasers, etc. Please have a look if you find the time! Also, I have a Espeon PRIME I'd be willing to let go of for abouttt... $6, she has some slight warping, just let me know if you're interested!

Also, I'm waiting on two more packages then I'll have a collection post! Yayy~! I'm so proud of how well I'm doing considering I'm collecting Umbreon xD. Also, does anyone have a pokecharacter? Mine is above, her name is LunaLisp :D.

Tags: sales
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