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GA Reminder & Sales/Offers!

Just a reminder that this GA has about a day left, so get your bids in!

The original auction is here:

Also. there's still lots of stuff left in my sales!

And lastly I've decided to put my DX Fuzzy Raichu up for offers/possible trade. I haven't decided on an end date yet. More info after the cut!

Since I kind of need the money right now(taxes hit the family a little hard this year. D:) I'm putting my Fuzzy Raichu up for offers. Keep in mind he is also up for TRADE!
The only item I will trade this Raichu for it this:

(Picture from Pokemon Plush Project)
A Talking Land Forme Shaymin! I want this SO badly lately. I'll do almost anything to get my hands on one. This entire week, I've even been DREAMING about having one every night(Only to get slammed with disappointment when I wake up. Has this happened to anyone else?). x_x

All cash offers will be turned down immediately if someone wants to trade for this Shaymin!

He has no tush tag or hang tag(I never thought I'd be selling him so I cut them off. D: My bad)
but other than that, he's in great shape! The Pikachu charm can be included by request. It goes on charm bracelets. :3

Offers for Raichu(Or Sir Fluffington the Third as I like to call him.) will start at $50!
Tags: group auction, raichu, sales, shaymin

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