shadowravenx (shadowravenx) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small Wants - Birds

Its been a long while since I posted a wants.  Though just going to do a small one for the time being as I re-organize my entire collection and make room for more grass snakes alongside my birds :3

I'm looking for strictly PIDGEY and PIDGEOT (I used to collect pidgeotto...but then I realized I didn't like him nearly as much as I do the other two) merch that I don't have :D

Highlighted high want items include:
-Pidgey Applause plush
-New Pidgeot Attack kid (its the last one I need outside clears and repaints.  Though if you have a spare pidgey kid I might take it off your hands to recolor shiny)
-Pidgey/Pidgeot charms (these have eluded me for awhile now)

-Just show me whatever you have to offer of these little birdies.  (Not really looking for flats at the moment, unless they are unusual flats)

Non pidgey line items I'm looking for:
-Dragonite movie kid (I don't collect dragonite but I love the cute kid with the messenger bag)

For Trade:
I have a minty with tags Umbreon pokedoll (Older US release, one of pikachu's ears on the tag has a crease)  I'd gladly trade it for a Snivy pokedoll :3 (with tag please)  (If you want pictures just ask!  :3)
Tags: pidgeot, pidgey, snivy, umbreon, wanted
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