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Eeveelution Charm GB!!

So I'm more or less just kind of a shopper here, I've yet to do a collection post or anything of the sort. No worries. I SHALL. Someday.

I was granted sales permission by dakajojo on 12/09/10, and now I thiiiink my first endeavor shall be a GB. =)

I'm gonna run it on these guys:

I'm laying a claim on Vaporeon only, but the rest need homes--only Eevee needs a claim!! All charms claimed!! YAYY~

And they're gonna be like 11 or 12 bucks shipped, c'mon peeps that's awesome. ;D

- I will use Paypal only (no e-checks)

- There will be 2 payments: An initial payment of $9.58 (if US address) OR $9.68 (international). And then a second payment for shipping from me to you! The shipping will probably be cheap as 'eff. Just sayin. But I'll be calculating it once I receive the charms, and I'll be using USPS. ^^

- First come, first serve!

- I will not buy these unless EVERY charm is claimed! T.T'

- Pleaseplease do not delete your comments/no backing out. Its not nice.

- I won't be taking payments until all the charms are claimed!

- Yes, you may claim more than one charm, if you'd like. C=

- Try to keep the comments as only claims. ^^;;;

- I reserve the right to not let certain people participate due to negative feedback, etc.

- I'll keep this going for like a week and a few days, if all charms aren't claimed, this whole thing will be canceled.

Eevee: agirl3003 - paid!
Espeon: caterpie - paid!
Umbreon: kattotang - paid!
Jolteon: ryunwoofie - paid!
Vaporeon: alueus - paid! (duh xD)
Flareon: tyltalis - paid!

*edit*: Alrighty. I was told the charms were sent out on Monday (2/7/11), so give it a couple weeks for them to arrive to me. ^^
Tags: eevee, espeon, flareon, group auction, jolteon, umbreon, vaporeon
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