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My Collection

Um... I'm not sure how to do this, but since I just got my Reshiram in the mail, I figured this was a good time to do a collection post since all I did was lurk.

Well, first off, it's my Reshiram that I just got in the mail.


She's wonderful, and I really like how fluffy she is! I'm naming her just like in my game... but I really couldn't come up with one! I was trying to go for a name of a dish that's fiery/spicy, but also white or "snowy." I don't think there is one, so I'm going with "Ramune" for the time being.

I really don't have many PokeDolls, but you can see the bulk of my collection here!


It took me a while to collect them! That Dragonite's actually the very first PokeDoll I've gotten! Then I got Giratina (Name's Biscotti), Charizard, and those two Snivy. Also you might recognize those badges...


I believe I found them around here! I thought they were very neat and I would get more of other regions as well!

In my computer desk, I have these three dudes hanging around:

(I really like the nose/head on this one, heh)

(This Shaymin's named Biscuit)

(Yea I'm running a dual-monitor set up here)

Also hanging on my ceiling fan-lights is this Dragonite:


And I have this misc. stuff as well:


Besides other stuff like the pre-order bonuses for D/P, and some cards... I guess that's pretty much it.

It's not much, but I really wish there were more stuff for the Pokemon I like.

Well, like for one: I wish there was a real PokeDoll for Flygon (I'm sorry, I don't like that Jakks-Pacific design), or for that matter, Gabite, Skuntank, Kangaskhan, or Seviper/Milotic. At least, I don't THINK there are any plush for them... I know I've looked hard enough, but I could be mistaken.

I do know that there are some for Groudon and Salamence. I hope that I can get them soon one day.

Oh, and just to say, going by my LJ Username and my icon, I am indeed a huge Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fan. It's a shame that I didn't really get much of the merchandise for that series (Like Primal Dialga)... but I wish they made some more of them!!

I would really love to have a replicaof the PMD2 Guild Badge... like here: badge

Maybe if someone in the community has the skills to make one, I would be very interested in commissioning for one.

Well, that's all I have to say. I'm not very commentive, so I'm probably going to still lurk here, maybe.

Thanks for your time!!

e: I FORGOT TO MENTION!! I know that the current merchandise is all pro-Unova Pokemon. Therefore I'm really looking forward to getting plush of Scraggy, Mandibuzz, and Scolipede!
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