jchance1986 (jchance1986) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Hi everyone! So I finally maned up and figured out how to bid on SMJ and I won the auctions I bid on!!! SO I won 4 auctions and it is taking quite a long time (to me) to get the invoices... but one did go through and I paid for it NOW HERE IS WHERE I need the HELP! so i have paid for it right, I guess now I need to request it to be shipped to me??? I don't really understand what I am suppose to do after I pay for the item, do I request for it to be shipped to me now, what option do I choose to mail it? EMS first class etc and when do I pay for that shipping? I have read SMJ about this or tried to many times but it just leaves me more confused! SO CAN MY FELLOW POKEMON FRIENS help me out.! thanks everyone! y'all are the best!
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